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Capturing the Wallet of the Future 

The Right Client with the Right ‘Wallet’ 

Managing Strategic Customer Relationships as Assets 

The CEO’s Agenda on Strategic Customers 

Building Market Leadership in Tough Times 

Peter F. Mathias
President and CEO

Peter has an international reputation as a consultant and advisor to many of the world’s leading financial and service institutions. 

After completing his doctorate in Business at Harvard Business School (1979), Peter worked at General Foods, GE and Goldman Sachs before founding Mathias and Co. in 1988.

The main focus of Peter's advisory work is:

Customer Driven Strategy - Works closely with the senior management of large, Financial Services, Professional Services and Technology companies to define business and enterprise strategy based on the needs, purchasing behavior of their large institutional customer.

Managing Institutional Sales Forces Effectiveness - Developed and popularized 'Share of Wallet', 'Share of Mind' concepts and their practical application to sales professionals covering these customers.

Managing Customer Relationships - Developed and implemented programs to improve the depth, profitability and quality of multi-product, multi-geographic institutional relationships with a company’s strategic clients.

Becoming a Customer Driven Business - Advisor cum Facilitator for senior management teams shifting the focus of their organizations from being exclusively product driven to becoming customer-centric.

Strategic Buying: Works closely with Buyers of Services at large organizations to help them better understand and manage their 'wallet' and to optimise their relationship with their strategic suppliers

Aligning Marketing, Product Management and Sales - Works closely with companies to help them focus on the strategic 'customers of the future' and the 'wallet of the future' by aligning and translating marketing messages, into product value proposition and then positioning these value propositions against individual customer buying behavior.