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Reporting Dashboards

Unlike free-text format, individual client plans captured in the APS format may be re-presented to the user as a series of single-client and multi-client dashboards that support decisions and analysis for each of the client management workflows.

Multi-client dashboards provide senior managers with an aggregate view (example dashboards listed below) across selected groups of the client portfolio to highlight:

  • leading indicators of revenue (e.g. deal ideas presented to clients in advisory pitches, replication of ideas across the client porftfolio);
  • coverage resource allocation highlighting areas of opportunity vs. under-performance;
  • coverage activity and outcomes.

Dashboards provided include -

  • Leading Revenue Indicators
  • Deal Pipeline
  • Deal Milestones
  • Deal Pipeline Conversion Rates
  • Deal Pipeline Velocity
  • Deal Idea Pipeline
  • Deal Idea Pipeline Conversion Rates
  • Deal Idea Pipeline Velocity
  • '3 strikes' Coverage
  • Coverage Banker - activity and outcomes
  • Client -activity and outcomes
  • Sector - activity and outcomes.
  • Product Yardstick Sector Heatmap
  • Service Quality Sector Heatmap
  • Revenue Accountability Sector Heatmap
  • Sub-Sector Heatmap
  • Client Heatmap

Single Client Dashboards combine quantitative and qualitative data to provide important insights to bankers preparing individual plans.

Dashboards provided include -

  • CEO Agenda
  • Coverage Plan
  • Articulating the View
  • Account Strategy
  • Coverage Activity