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Dynamic Client & Sector Profiles

Creating a productive client focused organization that is 'smarter than the client' requires information to be aggregated and distributed to the right people at the right time. When we are asked by clients to evaluate their existing client management technologies, one of the first features we look for is the degree to which these strategic information flows have been enabled and the 'value add' of the flows themselves.

One of these 'top down, bottom up' information flows is the way that 'top down' insights and the selling institution's 'view' are created at the sector level and distributed to the individual client level (i.e. the selling institution bringing it's market experience to the client) and the 'bottom up' insights where the coverage professional pushes 'exceptional' feedback from his/her clients and market conditions to the sector team to be incorporated in the next iteration of the bank view.

The mechanics of enabling these flows are relatively simple in technology terms but have a powerful business impact:

  • Client Profiles are driven by user configurable templates that allow common information to be aggregated across sectors as well as enabling the flexibility for information unique to the sector to be captured.

  • Coverage professionals compiling a client profile can select elements from the sector profile (e.g. product ideas and sector trends) to incorporate in individual client profiles. This information updates dynamically across all client profiles each time the sector profile is updated by the sector team - reducing time to complete a plan, increasing the consistency of the advice and views delivered to all clients in the sector, and concentrating the coverage professional's focus on uncovering how and why a client varies from the market norm.