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About Mathias and Co.

The DNA of Your Client Strategy

The DNA of Your Client Strategy

Despite our focus on strategy implementation, the findings and outcomes of our programs frequently have profound strategic implications for our clients.

Our strategic insights grow out of a detailed understanding of how a firm delivers its services to its customers - on a customer-by-customer basis.

Our work with Relationship and Product managers enables us to ask (and verify the answers to) a set of fundamental questions that effectively identify the 'DNA' of a Firm's client strategy:
  1. What is the role each customer has allocated to you and your competitors?

  2. What do they buy from you today and why do they choose you?

  3. What do they buy from your competitors and why?

  4. What will they buy from you in the future?

  5. Does your business proposition meet the needs of your customers in such a way that you can earn an acceptable return on a risk-adjusted basis?

  6. If the business doesn't earn such a return today, will it in the future? If so, how?